We are a group of researchers dedicated to the study of pain. Our aim is to improve outcomes in people who suffer from persistent pain conditions, such as back pain, headache, knee and shoulder pain.

We believe that the experience of pain is influenced by many factors that go beyond immediate injury and damage- for example, mood, beliefs and expectations. We also think that how practitioners behave and relate to their patients will impact on patient’s well-being and that communication during consultation is an important area for study.

It is important to us that our research is used in the real world, and we spend time presenting our findings and coaching practitioners.

We focus on the main areas that compromise well-being in people with persistent pain across the life span (through school, college, parenting, work, and older groups). We study behaviour, cognition and mood. We are interested in clinical and social innovation in terms of novel treatment methods and in basic mechanisms, including work on attention, interpretation and reconstruction of meaning.

To explore the research we have conducted so far please visit our Pure page.